Regional Client Services Manager (RCSM) – South East

Reports to: Head of Client Services.

Key NGC Relationship: Operational Teams, Operations Director, Other RCSMs, Finance, HR and Support functions.

Key Customer Relationships: Senior Operational Managers (SOM), Regional Delivery Service Provider Managers (Reg DSP Managers), Delivery Service Provider Managers (DSP Managers), Delivery Station Managers (DSMs), Operations Managers, Procurement Managers, Finance and Support functions.

Direct Reports:  Client Service Managers

Organisation Chart You will report to the Head of Client Services with whom you will engage for regular performance meetings. Reporting to you will be a team dedicated to running your locations and assisting you to achieve your objectives as the RCSM.

Your Role Within NGC

Since the beginning of our journey, NGC has based our company on excellent customer service, healthy business to business relationships, hard work ethic and a constant thirst for growth. Adding other traits such as adapting to change and taking advantage of growth opportunities which have developed into the NGC culture.  The individuals that fulfil company roles and departments drive the business. Currently, our primary motto is “Beyond Logistics” and secondarily “Whatever it Takes”.

NGC is a family owned business from a working-class background and so we can identify with our local youth that strives to grow into corporate positions and diversify. We aim to focus a large portion of our efforts to community regeneration in terms of job creation and donations to local charity organisations. We aim to take this culture forward in future, refine it to suit our progress and use it to match the right individuals during the recruitment process to advance our vision.

NGC’s vision is to become the leading provider worldwide to our customers and our aims are to:

▪ Develop a talented and engaged technology enabled workforce

▪ Create the platform that will enable our growth

▪ Deliver our growth and profit targets

▪ Provide the best solutions to our customers

As a valued member of the NGC team, your role is to help NGC to achieve its vision and reach its goals by actively playing your part in everything you do every day.  You will be delivering exceptional operational and financial results to a diverse portfolio of clients.  This will generate constant growth and customer service progression through the correct management of company resources, building empowered and accountable teams with individual and collective accountabilities.

Main Purpose Of Your Role

To effectively manage the resources within the area. This will include, but not exclusively, effectively communicate daily ensuring a high level of team understanding and performance, planning which includes areas such as recruitment and driver rosters, working schedules, vehicle schedules, daily operational execution, finance; invoicing, debt collection, fixed and variable expenditure with the necessary checks and controls alongside support functions. All activities are to be delivered in culture of continual improvement delivering the most cost efficient operations and having regard to operating financial policies, customer contracts and delivering key performing indicators (KPIs) to both customer contract and internal KPIs.

You will maintain good customer, staff and public relations in respect of all operations provided and to maintain a close working relationship with colleagues to ensure that operations fully meet the Company’s contractual obligations and revenue and profit targets.

This job description is designed to give you, as an RCSM with NGC, greater freedom and accountability and ultimately to be responsible for your own personal development.

Main Responsibilities

▪ Meet algreed performance and business targets through the management of resources within your area of responsibility.

▪ Bring daily perspective and focus on objectives, encourage route managers to strategize and formally commit to tasks

▪ To proactively monitor and evaluate actual business performance against agreed targets / objectives / budgets, setting action plans to continually improve performance.

▪ Ensure that performance information is processed, recorded accurately and forwarded to the appropriate recipients within specified timescales.

▪ Lead, coach and motivate all route managers to ensure performance standards are maximised by setting stretching goals and targets..

▪ Ensure all personnel receive the appropriate reviews, training and guidance to carry out their role and tasks effectively.

▪ Maintain a high level of staff moral within your sphere of influence through the motivation and discipline of the team, ensuring all staff are carrying out formal performance appraisals and service reviews with contract drivers.

▪ Ensure that the activities of personnel, whom report to you, comply with Company policies, procedures and agreements ensuring these are in accordance with statutory regulations and legislation.

▪ Plan and maintain resources at a sufficient level to meet customer demand and business needs through high quality recruitment, focused retention and general staff planning.

▪ Aim to develop and maintain positive working relationships with customer, local authorities and other outside bodies and organisations to promote the Company and develop opportunities for business growth.

▪ Complete appropriate documentation required by the Company or by outside authorities.

▪ At the agreed frequency conduct audits on compliance, quality control, financial governance and productivity.

▪ Actively promote NGC Leadership Behaviours.

▪ Respect the confidential nature of information which may be made available to you for you to carry out your duties.

▪ Share best practice across the organisation, attend and contribute at periodic district/UK meetings/reviews

▪ Comply with corporate and company guidelines.

▪ Comply with Competition Act legislation.

▪ You should work to recruit and develop all team members, mentor potential successors for your role or parts thereof. Developing succession options at every level is key to allowing the business to grow and to offer you promotion and/or a change of role in the future.

▪ Health and Safety – as a Manager within the organisation, take responsibility for ensuring that you are familiar with any health and safety risks and issues that are relevant to the work activities and areas for which you have responsibility and for ensuring compliance with legal requirements and Company Policy.

▪ Diversity – be an ambassador for Diversity, promote and implement the company’s Equal Opportunity Policy at all times.

▪ Corporate social responsibility – uphold, safeguard and promote the reputation and values of the organisation throughout all internal and external business relationships and activities.

This job description sets out the main duties and responsibilities of the job-holder. It does not constitute an exhaustive or comprehensive description of duties and the job holder will be required to carry out any additional tasks as and when requested to do so by their manager.  Responsibilities and duties may also change considering future business needs and personal development.

Behavioural competencies

▪ Hard worker and leads by example

▪ Brilliant communicator with strong people skills

▪ Strong leader addressing poor performance quickly to correct any defects whilst continually growing teams’ competencies through effective coaching.

▪ Team player and resolve conflicts effectively

▪ Innovator (Creative and Resourceful)

▪ Believes in own capabilities and is comfortable making decisions in a fast-paced, evolving environment, backing one’s own judgement when required

▪ Optimistic, ambitious with a can-do attitude which cultivates positive attitude to change.

▪ Foresee any potential problems and is balanced problem solver

▪ Strongly customer focused, identifying and adapting with trends in the market place.

▪ Able to prioritise and proficiently manage time within a dynamic work flow

▪ Adjust management styles/initiative to suit challenges.

▪ Delivers results. Delivers company aims, objectives and meets deadlines

▪ Commercially aware and manages revenues and builds profit

Company objectives

▪ Operate on a global scale

▪ Grow to compete with current leading suppliers

▪ Diversify into storage, import & export and other logistical avenues

▪ Maintain revenue from existing clients

▪ Grow smaller clients by approx. 300% at minimum

▪ Consistently acquire new and lucrative contracts.

Role objectives

Short term – 2019

▪ Build a Team. Develop good working relationships with all team members maximizing performance and potential.

▪ Deliver the Plan. Contribute and execute the plan which delivers growth and exceptional customer service.

▪ Build Customer Account Plans. Develop and execute regional Customer Account Plans that are aligned with other regions and maximise NGCs business with current and future customers.  The plan should be a live document which all the team contribute to and action as part of their daily routines.

▪ Deliver Customer Requirements. Deliver, as a minimum, the committed 2018 forecast and exceeding where possible. This should also include delivering innovation to the customer and supporting all new customer led initiatives and projects.

▪ Growing a contract driver workforce. Ensure that the region has sufficient highly trained contract driver resources that meet and where appropriate exceed the plan.  These contract drivers should be engaged in the correct manner which protects the self-employed model.

▪ Adhere to all processes fully including current Legislation, Health and Safety, Security, Invoicing, debt /payments, performance reporting and contractual customer requirements.

Long term – 2019 and beyond

▪ Deliver the Strategy. Develop and act upon a strategic plan in relation to achieving objectives within a reasonable time frame

▪ Optimum Performance. Take all sites to firstly an agreed minimum performance standard in Q1 2018 and embed a Continuous Improvement philosophy to deliver optimum performance.

▪ Outperform all other competitors, finding best practices and rolling out within all sites.

▪ Customer Focus. Establish excellent relations with all client’s stakeholders within the provided project band – maximising revenue and profit growth

▪ Develop a ‘Winning Team, maintaining engagement, producing high morale within the teams to constantly stretch themselves and others to achieve even better.

▪ Continuous Improvement. Refine all work processes to a superior standard of operation, gain new skills and add new processes to infrastructure quality

▪ Hold a track record of exceptional results in audits and transparency of operations.

▪ Meet yearly financial and operational goals.

Location and travel requirements

A Regional Client Services Manager it is preferred to live within close range within the region as not to impose personal strain and reduce company costs. However, where the candidate is deemed suitable for the role and agrees to all travel requirements. The Regional Client Services Manager is expected to meet the following criteria:

▪ Attend periodic meetings within the UK and potentially within the EU

▪ Visit all sites weekly under your management

▪ Attend meetings wherever they may occur in correlation to achieving objectives

Occasionally it may be deemed necessary to stay over at different locations to work on set objectives. In other instances, significant periods of travel may be involved with task completion. All travel and stayovers are expensed by the company and so must be justified and documented with progress in objectives.

KPIs and Objectives

These are set with line managers and form part of the formal performance reviews where targets and timescales are agreed.  These KPIs will be reviewed with your line manager at formal 1-2-1 sessions.

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