NGC supports charity sports editors in Buckingham

Posted on Mon-04-2018 by Sophia Sutcliffe

  Over the last few years, a growing local sensation of sports enthusiasts in Buckingham have built a reputation of combining community, enterprise and charity. NGC are proud to be involved with the efforts of Sports Shots to raise money and awareness for Macmillan Cancer Support and Vasculitis UK. The community have been supporting this […]

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Courier drivers need these…

Posted on Tue-12-2017 by Sophia Sutcliffe

If we step back in time, the tools in a courier’s arsenal were fairly limited and basic compared to what we find used by the couriers of today. As time progressed, technology evolved which helped logistics firms to expand their operations. Thanks to GPS technology for example, drivers have quickly found themselves working in unfamiliar […]

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Stress Management in Logistics

Posted on Mon-11-2017 by Sophia Sutcliffe

    A significant portion of the logistics industry is rooted in asphalt, and ‘road rage’ is just not welcome. Let’s face it. When out on the road, there are times when many motorists can feel frustrated. Recent Gallup poll statistics show that nearly 9 out of 10 UK drivers have experienced road rage first […]

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Competing with an Effective Supply Chain

Posted on Mon-10-2017 by Sophia Sutcliffe

  There are many elements to a successful business – a great product or service, lots of demand and a healthy supply. And logistics – the art of moving it all from place to place, on time and precisely as it should be every single time – could be the most vital. Get it wrong, […]

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NGC Joins the Road Safety Buckingham Cause

Posted on Mon-10-2017 by Sophia Sutcliffe

The Buckingham County Road Safety Community Charity Campaign has gained another supporter. NGC has joined the cause for a safer and more aware Buckingham. Working with local community establishments including businesses, schools, clinics and council buildings, the Government’s ‘Think!’ Road Safety Campaign and European Commission – Road Safety organization are using sponsor funding to distribute […]

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The Perks of Self-Employment

Posted on Tue-09-2017 by Sophia Sutcliffe

  In some cases, a 9-5 job is just not right for us. A better balance of work and home life. The opportunity to be independent. More flexibility and control over your career. These things matter and can be made available in a self-employed role. Freedom A company or individual can nominate you to complete […]

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Managing Returns

Posted on Mon-05-2016 by Sixth Story

With the growth of online retail dominating the headlines, there’s a strong focus on sales. The question on our minds is how companies are managing their returns. This is an area that can negatively effect the bottom line but also a brand’s reputation. It’s vital to have a clear and well-communicated process in place for […]

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Beyond Logistics

NGC are established and operating across the UK. We provide services in the following (amongst others) Logistics, HGV, Waste Management and Consultancy to private companies and Government authorities. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please call our head office on 0121 289 4455 to discuss your requirements.